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Lakeview Community Information

Catch a glimpse of the bedroom community of Lakeview, nestled along the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. This unique, family-friendly neighborhood offers a variety of housing and a “walkable” and “bikeable” lifestyle.

Spotlight on Lakeview, New Orleans

The Lakeview neighborhood in New Orleans sits on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Covering 630 square miles, Lake Pontchartrain is one of the largest lakes in the United States. The lake serves as the northern border of Orleans Parish, and also gives rise to the name Lakeview.

Though there’s no true view of the lake from the neighborhood, it still sits near the northernmost part of New Orleans, Louisiana. Robert E. Lee Blvd, the northern edge of the area, also serves as the border between City Park. The park is the sixth-largest urban park in the United States. The park boasts the world’s largest collection of live oaks, as well as two golf courses, mini-golf, the Museum of Art, botanical gardens and much more. Everything in the park is just a walk or a streetcar ride away.

Due to its proximity to such a massive body of water, the Lakeview neighborhood suffered greatly due to Hurricane Katrina flooding. Even now, you can walk into coffee shops or clothing stores in the vibrant district and find flood lines painted on the walls. Though the area will always remember the devastation, it has bounced back considerably. Most of the damage has been repaired or renovated. The area today feels like the upscale urban area it was meant to be.

Most of the shopping in the area takes place around the Harrison Avenue hub. Access to stores is simple with on and off-street parking readily available. In this area, you can find upscale fine-dining restaurants as well as gourmet coffee shops or more affordable options such as po-boys and coffee with chicory. The location is full of boutique clothing and home goods options that fit every need and budget.

Just a few blocks away, on Canal Blvd., you can find hardware and paint stores, bars, music venues, and a park. Though Hurricane Katrina significantly damaged the building, the local branch of the New Orleans Public Library reopened in a renovated facility in March 2012.

With as much as Lakeview has to offer, one of its key features is its proximity. Interstate exits throughout the neighborhood can take you anywhere in New Orleans or nearby Metairie. If you want to avoid the interstate, you can easily drive on one of the major streets such as Canal Blvd., Orleans Ave., or Florida Ave. Truth be told, the Big Easy isn’t all that big, and getting around is easy by way of one of the major roads through Lakeview.





How Our Lakefront Office’s Experience and Knowledge Helps Our Clients

As locals might know, Latter & Blum has been the most well-known and respected real estate agency in New Orleans. With such a strong local tradition of beautiful, unique architecture, excellent culinary options, and great times all around, it’s a very exciting prospect to work in this city in this particular industry. Of course, with so much interest in this location, it can become a very competitive business. Many people are looking to get in on the action during a time when a high volume of transplants are moving here.

For a real estate agency to succeed in such a lucrative yet competitive environment, they need to figure out which part of the market is their niche. Latter & Blum’s Lakefront Office mostly deals with residential properties, working with families to get them into a home that provides them the comfort they’re looking for. While residential real estate is a large portion of our business, we specialize in a number of areas, including commercial real estate and appraisals, rental properties, and property management.

When searching for the right neighborhood, it’s important to know the location. Any real estate agency builds its expertise on the collective experience and knowledge of the team that works there. At Latter & Blum’s lakefront location, most agents grew up in the area and know plenty of the history and beautiful architectural designs of the neighborhood. These are people who are truly concerned with the tradition and integrity of their hometown, and who want to see it truly flourish while maintaining the cultural tradition that makes it so unique and great. Interested buyers can tell when an agent truly cares about what they’re doing, and this can be an important part of the process.

On the other side of the coin, the world is now steeped in the digital age. Every type of business needs to be aware of such technological changes, and this is just as true for a real estate agency as for anybody else. The team at Latter & Blum’s Lakefront branch office also knows what a powerful resource the web can be for clients. Up to date listings, regional mapping, local data, and more information is on the table for any interested party, and a successful business will make sure gaining access to this is as convenient as possible.

Finally, everybody knows the adage about all work and no play! That’s why Latter & Blum’s team has a monthly wine party, a shrimp boil every year, and more social gatherings in the true New Orleans spirit. After all, you can’t be all business all the time!